A K-9 Lesson

A K-9 Lesson

On our 23rd wedding anniversary, my wife and I enjoyed an incredible dog-sledding ride through the forest near Monarch Pass in Colorado. The scenery was incredible, but equally amazing were the sled dogs. Before our ride, we met every member of the 33 dog team. Each one had a distinct personality – some exuded boundless energy, some craved endless attention, and others barely opened their eyes.

When the time came to harness up the 11 dogs that would propel us along the trail, utter chaos ensued with the dog’s excitement reaching an almost intractable level.

Yet everything changed once the leader boarded the sled and announced ‘Ready!’ As if a star-aligning power swept over the dogs, chaos transformed into beautiful harmony with every dog perfectly executing their assigned role in conjunction with the entire team.

What a wonderful display of raw individuality blending seamlessly with pure teamwork. Something we can all take to heart.

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