Hi, I’m Dwayne DeSylvia.

Some folks have called me a rocket scientist because of my degree, but believe me, you wouldn’t want to travel on my rocket.

Just a Little About Me…

I’ve lived in the Mile High City for most of my life and love traversing the mountains on skis or in a Jeep.

I have always enjoyed mentoring and truly have a passion to advance the Presales profession and share not just my successes, but also my cuts and bruises.

I Know Technology, and How to Sell It

I’ve spent most of my 27+ year career in a role called Presales.  While it goes by many names including Solution Engineering, Business Solution Consulting and more, it basically refers to translating technology into business value for organizations.  That means making technical topics easy to understand and helping folks understand it’s value to them.

I engage with and help customers across all aspects of Presales activities including business problem discovery and clarification, business value extraction and mapping, solution modeling and architecture, presentations, demonstrations, prototypes/proof of concepts, and much more.

I’m Part Geek, Part Sales

Yup, I do have a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering degree.  But this wasn’t my calling.  I’m certainly a geeky left-brain type, but my right brain creativity wouldn’t be hampered and it led me down an exciting path leading to my lifetime vocation – Presales. And it’s flowed through my veins ever since.

I’ve sold and supported a wide variety of enterprise solutions and technologies including Blockchain, Machine Learning, User Experience, Analytics, Technology Platforms, Cloud Solutions, Integration, Security, ERP, Development, and Change Management…and more.

My goal is to make technology understandable and accessible for anyone and everyone. I have a passion for enterprise platform solutions & technologies and all things Presales.

Been There, Done That, Have the Coffee Mug (literally)

I’ve worked at a range of companies ranging from a 10-person startup to a 90K industry giant (and have coffee mugs for most of them).

Over the course of my career, I’ve delivered thousands of presentations & demonstrations to everyone from C-level executives to manufacturing operators at Fortune 500 companies, small & medium-sized businesses, higher education and public sector organizations and more.

I’ve Got Some Words For You

I’ve been fortunate enough to co-author two books, one sharing my experience and expertise in Presales, and one around the rapid prototyping tool offered by my company SAP.

3D Presales

Harness the power of 3D Presales to reimagine and transform your Presales vocation with these battle-proven techniques and best practices for the Presales professional. Whether you are new to Presales, just a novice finding your path, or a seasoned professional, this book has experience and knowledge that will benefit your journey. 3D Presales provides a guide around Presales topics, giving definition of what it means to be a Presales professional and how to excel at doing it.

SAP Build

Before the application comes the prototype. With this guide to SAP Build, learn how to develop detailed, interactive prototypes of SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 applications. Enhance mockups by conducting user research, and collaborating on design projects. Request and implement feedback from end users and prepare your prototype to be turned into a fully-functional application. If you Build it, they will come.

A Little Know Fact…

During my time a NASA Johnson Space Center, I once worked an actual dry run for a Space Shuttle mission in Mission Control and almost got to work a real mission.  Almost.  More importantly, I got to take my then girlfriend (and now wife) to visit Mission Control during a live mission.  Now that’s a date!

Thanks for reading this far.  I truly appreciate it.

Have a question for me about Presales, software platforms, Denver or anything else?  Send me an email at dwayne@desylvia.com, reach out on LinkedIn, or hit my Contact page.


I’d love to start a dialog with you!