• 101 Ways to Improve Your Career in Presales or Solution Engineering

    101 Ways to Improve Your Career in Presales

    The role of Presales, also known by job titles such as Solution Engineering or Sales Consulting (among other names), is a unique vocation that sits primarily within the enterprise sales domain. Presales professionals excel at blending the disciplines of business proficiency, sales presence and solution/technical prowess into a seamless, and critical, aspect of sales opportunities.…

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    How to Destroy Your Presales Career in 10 Easy Steps

    Talk features, features, features:  Value…benefits…ROI.  Too many excess terms to confuse customers.  Just focus on features. They’ll think your smart using all that jargon. Be difficult to manage:  Be late with administrative tasks or, heck, don’t do them at all.  Make your employment a challenge to make your manager prove their ability to manage. Memorize your presentations:  And…

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