Electroneum – What It Is and How to Get It

Electroneum – What It Is and How to Get It

What is it?

Electroneum (symbol ETN) is a mobile-centric cryptocurrency built from the ground up for global mass adoption by making cryptocurrency easy to use with a mobile-first approach. Electroneum can be easily exchanged and mined with a smartphone with almost no technical knowledge or prior experience. Additionally, Electroneum supports instant payments using ETN similar to PayPal or credit cards, a game-changer for cryptocurrencies.

How do I get it?

Get an ETN Wallet

You’ll need to start by creating a free wallet to hold your ETN.  Go to https://my.electroneum.com, select Create Account and complete the signup form.  Once you have a wallet, there are a few ways to obtain ETN ranging from easy to difficult.

Purchase ETN

Once you have a wallet, there are a few ways to obtain ETN ranging from easy to difficult.  The price of ETN does vary.  Currently, you will need somewhere between 1000-1500 ETN for the book.  It’s a great time to buy a little extra – other places to purchase using ETN are listed below.

You can purchase ETN using Paypal or a credit card here. You will need to provide your public ETN wallet address which is safe to share with anyone.  You can find your public wallet address in the section Your Public Wallet Address after logging into your wallet at https://my.electroneum.com.  This is by far the easiest method to buy ETN but fees are higher.

You can purchase ETN on a few exchanges using standard currencies.  Currency options and exchanges are limited at this time and will grow, but you skip using an intermediary.  Currently, you can purchase ETN on SistemKoin (USD, Turkish Lira), or on Liquid (Euro).  You will need to create an account on the exchange, deposit funds, purchase ETN on the exchange, then transfer it to your ETN wallet.

You can purchase ETN on multiple different exchanges using other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).  Coinbase is a popular and easy one to use.  See this page for list of exchanges where you can buy ETN and supporting crypto-pairings.  This method requires you to first buy the base crypto (eg BTC), transfer it to an ETN-supported exchange (if needed), and purchase ETN using that crypto.  This option is good if you already hold crypto that is supported for purchasing ETN (such as BTC).

Spend Your ETN!

Purchasing products using ETN is easy!  You can buy my book 3D Presales right on this site using ETN.  When you checkout, the Electroneum Instant Payments option is selected by default.  The required amount of ETN will be automatically calculated.  

You can buy merchandise using ETN on sites such as Electroneum101 and QuorraMerch today.  Also check how this amazing community-led directory of vendors that accept ETN.

Electroneum will soon publish an ETN vendor directory with many more options for purchasing using ETN.

Keep Your Crypto Safe

If you are new to crypto, here is a quick, important note on keeping your ETN safe.  As mentioned above, it is safe to share your Public Wallet address (or key) with others.  In fact, this is how another person can send you ETN.  

At some point, you will also see Private Spend and Private View addresses (or keys).  Never, never ever share these addresses with anyone else.  It would be like giving someone your bank account number along with your password or PIN.

Thanks for Being Part of the Revolution!

By using cryptocurrency, you are helping to usher in a new era of financial independence for people worldwide and we are very grateful!

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